Get the damn flu shot


I’ve now run into three people who expressed skepticism about the flu shot. Two of those people were involved in the medical field. People. Who work in hospitals. Not talking up vaccines. This blows my mind. The last flu epidemic killed as many people as WW2. It took a lot of nasty work to kill 50 million humans in WW2. The flu killed 50 million people by existing in a nasty strain for a while.

“I never get flu except when I get the vaccine”, “I’ve never gotten the flu before, why should I get the shot?”. These were two of the attitudes of people I ran into over the last few weeks. Not getting the flu, (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t get the flu (ever). I would even think that, as a person who’s never gotten the flu in recent memory, that being vaccinated would be the best way to avoid getting the flu without actually having to get sick. But you know, thats just based on what the the CDC says.

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