1990. Rape and Murder. Glenn Beck. And Free Speech


In a shocking move, Glenn Beck continues refusing to deny that in 1990, he raped and murdered a young girl. I mean, I don’t think that Glenn Beck is the kind of person who would rape OR murder anyone, especially not a young girl in 1990. But a lot of Americans want to know, why are you trying to get around the US court system? I’m not trying to call Glenn Beck unpatriotic, or even a shallow exploiter of tragedy.

It’s just that, as someone who spends at least as much time as Glenn Beck reading the Constitution aloud, wrapped in a giant authentic civil war flag as the battle hymm of the republic plays, I want him to prove to me that he’s not trying to sidestep the first amendment to silence criticism. I mean, I don’t think anyone who heavily depends on the right of free speech to do their job as a pompous talking head would try to reach around the first amendment to jack off a critic.

I think though, that a lot of Americans are asking about you Beck. They see that you’re a pro-American kind of guy. But then you turn to an international body to try to kill a website, because you know our American 1st amendment would throw it out. And what they want you to prove to them, Beck, and I’m not accusing you of this, is that you’re not a traitor to this country’s laws. Turncoat is not the way I’d describe you Beck, but I think you need to prove to me that your skirting the US court system isn’t the work of a thin-skinned coward. I don’t think you’re a traitor, Beck, but it would make a lot of people sleep easier at night if you could explain this to us. All you need to do is stop refusing to deny that you’re a traitor.

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3 Responses to “1990. Rape and Murder. Glenn Beck. And Free Speech”

  1. dustinthewind Says:

    Well Done!

  2. G. Peach Says:

    I think someone should rape and murder you for spreading such filthy lies. You must be one of the cheerleaders sitting on the sidelines of Obama speeches (i doubt you’re even allowed into one). Sick puppy with no b…s.

    • debbaasseerr Says:

      I can’t deny that your comment is hilarious. You say, (in the same sentence!) that I both MUST be a cheerleader (sitting on the sidelines, like all good cheerleaders) AND doubt I can even get in (to get to the sidelines to cheer for Obama…). Then can’t type out balls! How ball-less. None of what you said touches on what I was, like, you know, actually talking about. It has nothing to do really with Obama, or even politics so much. Where are my lies? He hasn’t denied that he killed and raped a girl in 1990. You can check. He also hasn’t denied that he’s trying to do an end run on the 1st amendment to take down a site for making fun of his shitty shtick.

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