Darned in time


Knitting is an amazing skill. Our society rests upon multiple layers of highly refined techonology, but the general availability of cheap clothing has dulled many people’s appreciation for what really is a slow motion magic trick: taking several strands of plant or animal fiber, and then looping that strand upon itself to make articles of clothing that fit well and keep you warm.
Check this out:

Darning hand-knit socks! The clothes we buy are often discarded when they are damaged or even wear slightly. No point repairing something that was selected for being cheap in the first place. Hand knit clothes can be not only made to last, but in top shape for years (Highly contrasting darning color optional).
But even beyond that, the things knitters are capable of is stunning. Ravelry has thousands of patterns and posted projects, and the level of design and planning involved in making some of these patterns requires a high level of skill, plus serious attention to detail. That kind of skill makes for more than just pattern-following ability as well. Check this out:

Hand knit darning of a machine-made wool garment! Slightlyharmless (owner of this blog) was able to match the stitch pattern, replicate it to replace all the missing links, then thread it back into the garment. That’s some serious 3d modeling to be able to pull off such an elegant patch.

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